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In 1959, Disney released the iconic animated film Sleeping Beauty. The princess was cursed since birth to prick herself in the finger and fall into a deep sleep. She’s been sleeping with nowhere to go for 100 years, waiting for the kiss from Prince Charming, that will wake her up. There were several memorable characters in the animated movie created by Disney, but the most unforgettable of them all certainly was Princess Aurora. There was something magical about her story.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess when they are young. On Halloween, these Aurora costumes can help make her feel the same as the famous Disney character and she will surely enjoy every minute of it if she is a fan of the animation movie, Sleeping Beauty. Even though the main character is sleeping in the movie, any girl can help bring her to life for Halloween in one of these exciting costumes. Any young lady, or kid, who loves this story will be more than excited to wear this costume on the night of Halloween or any other night for that matter.

Welcome to SleepingBeautyCostume.Com, where one of Grimm’s favorite characters comes to life (and then falls asleep, naturally).  We’ve all heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, or Little Briar Rose, which was originally told by the fairytale gurus of old, the Brothers Grimm.   Although the Grimm’s tale has become distorted with time and the artistic interpretation, the modern version has it that a sleeping princess can only be awoken by the kiss of a handsome prince.  Sleeping Beauty’s actual name in the modern version is Princess Aurora.  Aurora’s sleeping curse is placed upon her by an evil fairy named Malificent, and she is helped throughout the story by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, three good fairies.

If you or your little one are thinking of dressing in a Sleeping Beauty costume, there are options for group dress.  A couple might dress in a Sleeping Beauty costume and a Prince Charming costume.  A family or group might go as Sleeping Beauty, Flroa, Fauna, Merryweather, Malificent, and Prince Charming.  There are so many options to choose from when it comes to Sleeping Beauty costumes.

Props for a Sleeping Beauty costume include a long wig, in your choice of color. The original Grimm character had blonde hair, but other versions of the story have Aurora with darker hair.  Hair should be worn in a bow or a tiara can be worn to denote the princess’ royal station.  You might also carry an accessory to poke fun at the story, like an empty over-sized bottle of “no-dose” pills (you can even put candy in the bottle), or a giant alarm clock.

If the person wearing the costume is a child, be sure that you choose a costume that is easy to see for trick-or-treating activities, but that is also comfortable. If the Sleeping Beauty costume doesn’t have a reflective stripe, you can invariably sew one on, and have your child carry a glow in the dark candy collection pail and flash light.

With these garments your kid can dress up as one of most loved Princess from Sleeping Beauty and go trick or treating in her own favorite fairytale costume. She can have that elegant beauty and glamor with the distinctive and original Aurora Costume. And you don’t have to worry about it itching or being uncomfortable. All costumes are made of the highest quality and are ready to wear instantly.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Your Sleeping Beauty Costume provides you with endless selections in accessories. You could accessorize the costume with a golden blonde wig left long and flowing or one with an up-do style. This wig can be finished with sparkling hair bows or jeweled combs for a rather romantic look. A tiara or intricately designed crown would be a perfect accessory for your Sleeping Beauty Costume. Smaller Sleeping Beauties may find the temperatures on Halloween to be a bit chilly. You should layer some warm clothing beneath their costume. Consider choosing a pair of white leggings and a long sleeved white t-shirt to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the evening.

Measuring for Your Costume

If your Sleeping Beauty costume doesn’t fit right, no amount of kissing from the handsome prince is going to save you! An ill-fitting costume is a party wrecker. If you are not comfortable, how will you ever last through the night dressed as one of the world’s most beloved characters? Measuring before you order makes a lot of sense. Take measurements of your chest, hips and waist. Compare those measurements to the size chart for the costume that you want to buy. Taking just a moment to make sure that you and your costume are a good fit is a smart move that you will be glad you made.

Disney’s animated movies brought to life several fictional characters and you have Sleeping Beauty Costume dedicated to one such character. Whether you are 5, 15 or 50, there is a sleeping maiden costume waiting for you. Take your pick from the classic costume to one that is a bit naughtier. There is also the option to take on the costume of the wicked yet beautiful stepmother. Her character too is a unique one and if you have a sister along, you would make a great pair. Princess Aurora captured the hearts of millions of youngsters and there is no reason not to bring her to life this Halloween.

Let your daugther have her own fairytale

Sleeping Beauty dress, is a great choice for a Halloween dress up. They are great because they are a fun and creative method of letting your child explore their own fantasy world. Your kid can be anyone she wants to be, so give her the chance.

Every girl fancies dressing up as a beautiful, sweet and charming princess, be it Halloween, fancy dress or any costume party. Sleeping beauty costume is the perfect answer to every girl’s desire.

Sleeping beauty is the most beautiful princess; charismatic, enchanting and full of life. Sleeping beauty costume is one such valued possession that appeals to every girl’s heart and also to the girl in every woman. The costume reflects the purity and grace in every girl.

Sleeping beauty costume comes not only for the little princesses but also for the young ladies. The costume comes as a collection of four basic elements to give you the complete look in addition to the ‘princess’ feel.

The sleeping beauty costume dress is a beautiful pink colored gown with a low halter neck. The cloth is a mixture of satin, for the gorgeous look and polyester, for the best fit. The costume also hides in its laces a zipper at the back, for ease in wearing and handling. It has laces and frills, giving it there requisite genuineness. This comes in all sizes, to suit everyone’s body shape.

The sleeping beauty costume can never be complete without a pair of exquisite sleeping beauty shoes. Available in all sizes and heel types, fine pink specks on silver base give the shoes a flawless appeal and make it an integral part of the sleeping beauty costume.

The sleeping beauty costume also has a striking tiara, a beaded crown in pink with silver beads, to adorn your head and hair. And there is also a princess wand, with gorgeous silver and pink beads at the top and a pink colored handle to give the complete experience of sleeping beauty costume.

Sleeping Beauty is a timeless tale.  There are so many versions of this story but the romanticism remains.  The Disney version alone is a great classic artfully made with so much color and costumes.  The sleeping beauty revolves around the story of a princess who was kept hidden from public eye for her own protection.  She lived with three trusted fairies of the kingdom who swore to protect her from the evil witch who cursed her to eternal sleep on her 16th birthday.  Dismayed by their failure, the fairies casted a spell on the whole castle and its inhabitants to sleep and wake only when the princess has awakened. To break the spell, a kiss from a prince would be needed.  A prince who the princess had met earlier achieved triumph against the evil witch and broke the spell with his kiss.  The kingdom rejoiced their union and they lived happily ever after.

This is the fairy tale that has survived the age of time and has been passed down from one generation to the other.  Until now, children know the story of the sleeping beauty and long to experience such an exciting and romantic story.  With Sleeping Beauty costumes, they can relive that adventure during the Halloween season.   Princesses and princes costumes never die down and children still enjoy being a prince and princess even for just one night.  Give them the opportunity to experience it this season.

Being royalty is a dream of many, both children and adults.  You may be too old to prance around in a gown, but at least let your young once try it out.  Give them this one chance to become a person of high status with all the different costumes they sell nowadays, you will not have to make one from scratch.

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